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A Cai-Phoenix Mistake: Substitute for the Abandoned Concubine Full-time Job

Nov 7th, 2022 at 19:49   Marketing & Communication   Cambridge   14 views Reference: 118
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As soon as they stepped out of the inn, a group of people rushed in front of them. The leader was a woman in pink. The woman was wearing a veil and could not see her appearance, but she was sure that her strength was extraordinary. The people around her looked at her with a flattering look. It's them. This young man is talking a lot of nonsense here. He not only looks down on me in the Chaos Arena, but also kills the season leader Bai Tianlong. My Lord, you must avenge me! The people around the woman were indignant when they saw Xue Shao, and they looked like they wanted to peel Xue Shao's cramp. Son of a bitch, you're out of luck. You're in trouble with a big man. The bearer shouted, gloating one by one. Bad luck, hum. When he wanted to see who was unlucky, Xue Shao embraced him with both hands and stood where he was. 104 Xue Shao: Pick the Chaos Arena "Less snow?" The leading woman stopped ten paces away from the snow, looking frightened. Lofan, it's you. As soon as he heard the voice, Xue Shao knew who was coming. Have to say, this world is very small, did not expect to meet acquaintances here, and meet acquaintances that everything is easy to do, he is not a person to exterminate, the other side to face, he will not continue to entangle. The main thing is to continue to entangle and waste time, which is not good, and Xue Shao has always been impatient to do this. Does the Chaos Arena belong to your family? Pointing to several corpses on the ground, Xue Shao had to say that the world was so small that he picked up Luo Fan's place again. If you want to say,eye cream packaging tube, it's also Luo Fan's bad luck. Sort of. Luo Fan wry smile, chaos arena is to select talent for the chaos tower, the person in charge is the chaos tower, of course, is also her family, otherwise she will not stand up for the chaos arena. Is it? So you're standing up for them now? Xue Shao stepped forward and blocked Renault behind him. In front of this woman is the God king level of other masters, Renault hand only suffer losses. Originally yes, can know the person that make a move is snow little,eye cream packing tube, Luo Fan has already prepared to persuade the person of the arena to eat this person to be bored to lose. In the land of chaos, people in the tower of chaos always beat others, but when they met Xue Shao, they became the one who was beaten. Xue Shao, these people have offended you. I apologize to you on their behalf. Please don't argue with the Chaos Arena. Luo Fan did not dare to take the bridge in front of Xue Shao. The young man was so fierce that he did not put her identity in his eyes at all. Adult? What are you talking about? Why are you afraid of this boy? Cried Luofan. They asked Luo Fan to come forward, not to apologize to Luo Fan, which is too cowardly. Luofan didn't care what they said and just kept his head down. Without the identity of Miss Chaos Tower, Luo Fan has suffered enough during this period. What God king, what the first girl in the land of chaos, if she meets the opponent of the God, if she meets the master of the God king, then she can only eat. The most important thing is her appearance, she is good-looking, will inevitably attract some dandy disciples peep, there are some powerful family, sent a bunch of masters to rob, polyfoil tube ,aluminium laminated tube, she was chased to escape for three days and three nights. There were also some underhand tactics, and she was almost robbed of her innocence by the son of a small family. Luo Fan this period of time can really suffer a lot, all kinds of losses to eat a lot, with a climb and roll to come here. Originally wanted to hone in the chaos arena, but did not want to encounter such a thing. Luo Fan really does not want to be an enemy with the snow less, after experiencing these things, she only then understood that the snow less depends on oneself is the real strength, Luo Fan will be the person around him to retreat. But do not want to, her kindness has made these people even more angry: "My Lord, you do this is really too let us chill, you this concession, where is the face of the chaos arena." "My Lord, don't blame us for being rude if you ignore your status and the face of the Chaos Arena." As the words fell, the people around Luo Fan scattered one by one and ran toward the Chaos Arena. This is Luo Fan's personality charm, when she needs to come forward as a hatchet man, those people will coax her, hold her, and when they find it useless, they will kick her. In the land of chaos, the concept of companions is mutual benefit, but this is not what Xue Shao wants. You Luo Fan is angry, but also helpless. Unless she assumes the identity of Miss Chaos Tower, these people will not listen to her at all, and after assuming the identity, this person will listen to her, but will look down on her. She gave the pride of the chaos tower to the snow. It seems that this matter can not be solved. Xue Shao did not take it seriously with a sneer. Offend this kind of thing, do once is also do, do twice is also do, Xue Shao has been very used to. Xue Shao, please show mercy. They don't mean to offend. Luo Fan's eyes flashed a touch of weakness, can only ask the snow less, hope he can give some face. No offense? Luofan, the person they met today is me. What if it's someone else? Will you people in the Chaos Arena show mercy? Will you people in the Chaos Arena leave each other alone? For Luo Fan's behavior, Xue Shao is quite shameless. First, pride must not be broken; second, never beg for mercy from the opponent; third, never let the opponent go. Xue Shao always believes that human nature is evil. If you let the other party go once, it does not mean that the other party will let you go. Luo Fan was speechless. Xue Shao shouted directly to Renault: "Renault, don't you want to see the Chaos Arena? Come on, let's go and see how powerful the Chaos Arena is today." "I'll go with you, too." As soon as Han Zi Che heard this, he hurriedly stepped forward. Aren't you going to take care of your sister? Renault raised his eyebrows and turned his eyes back and forth between Han Zi Zheng and Luo Fan. Luo Fan appeared, Han Zi Zheng put on a hostile look, Renault had to admire, Xue Shao this charm is really jealous ah. He didn't say anything, but the women jumped up one by one, not afraid of being frozen to death by the snow. You can rest assured that I will never delay Xue Shao's affairs. Others don't know who Luofan is, but Hanzi Che does. The eldest lady of the chaos tower is so polite to the snow less, it seems that the origin of the snow less is extraordinary,tube lip gloss, say what also want to beat him, even if can not unlock the secret of hide-and-seek, the benefits will not be less. emptycosmetictubes.com

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