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Doomsday commander Full-time Job

Nov 8th, 2022 at 21:01   Engineering   Saguenay   6 views Reference: 158
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Ling Er's voice sounded again in the earphones of the soldiers: "Ready to fight, 500 meters ahead, found medium-sized zombies, estimated at more than 2000.". Soldiers, load your guns and shoot him, you son of a bitch. Speaking of excitement, he also used foul language. The guns of the soldiers had been loaded long ago, and when the prey appeared, they showed bloodthirsty eyes one after another. It's not the soldiers you're worried about, it's the zombies! Wang Tiechui, a platoon M60 machine gunner in a battalion, now squints his right eye, his left eye looks at the sight on the machine gun, his right hand holds the grip tightly, and his left hand is on the hook, firing at any time. Gradually, a black line appeared on the road in the distance. The speed of the motorcade also slowed down, and by 200 meters, the machine gunners had opened fire, and there was an endless stream of gunfire, and with each bullet fired, a group of zombies fell down. After the machine gun swept past, the zombie fell like cutting straw for people, and the scene was very bloody. From time to time, a battalion of convoys had rockets fired into the zombies, and the violent explosion made more than 10 zombies play the last roller coaster in their lives. Wang Tiechui had not fired yet, without a trace of anxiety, as if he were waiting for something? Yes, it was the crawler. He was aiming at the crawler who was constantly changing his position in the group of zombies. After looking at the crawler's walking pattern carefully, he fired, not blindly, but at a point. The M60 was used as easily and happily as his arm. Almost every shot hit the crawler, and by the 13th shot, the crawler was motionless and dead. Then,mineral flotation, Wang Tiechui went to look for the next target. When a battalion rushed out of the zombie encirclement, almost killed more than half of the zombies in the way, the rest, to the back of the convoy is not enough, to machine gunner as a target so training head shot, so as to do a good warm-up exercise. When the motorcade completely after the past, on the road, in addition to the rest of the individual not dead zombies, the other are beyond recognition, most of the head to blossom. The rest of the individual zombies still do not give up to catch up with the team, but their speed is really shameful. The small victory has greatly boosted the morale of the brothers of the independent regiment. Some of the soldiers, who loved to show off, sang a little song in the car and played with their bodies. From the window, Ling Er saw the appearance of the vehicles and soldiers around him. He laughed and scolded, "These smelly boys are so proud of their small victory." See Ling Er picks up the telephone on the car to say only: "Dog egg your boy plays what belly dance in the car, very cool?"? Do you need me to give you a lotus seed soup? The soldier that calls dog egg is grinning answer: "Colonel, play just, Portable gold trommel ,coltan ore processing, hee hee, do not mind, do not mind." The dialogue between Ling Er and the dog egg made the people of the independent group laugh, and everyone came to tease the dog egg. Dog egg, go to dance with zombies more cool ah. "Dog Egg, brother, I support you." "Dog egg, teach brother how to play belly dance in the car!" Similar teasing is endless, Ling Er did not stop, they can eliminate the fear of zombies. This road is through the county, all the way to Lhasa city, and there are about more than forty thousand zombies in the county, but there are 130 thousand zombies in the city, both of which are huge. The engine sound of the motorcade is attractive to zombies, the whole county, and even a small number of zombies in the urban area are heard. Ling Er, who saw this situation from the satellite, immediately ordered: "The motorcade sped up with all its strength and rushed to the city to defend." Heard the order of the team want to play like chicken blood forward, the machine gunner on the car conveniently to close to the zombies a shuttle bullet, let them drink hate here, with injustice and go. Some crazy machine gunners have been strafing, whether the zombies are near or far, as long as the zombies are killed, and those zombies are unlucky. The follow-up troops of the convoy face not so many zombies, but the zombies in the distance have formed a circle of encirclement, and so on when the return journey is not to face thousands of zombies, but to ten thousand. Abandoned cars on the county road is still very few, after the team forward into the city, abandoned vehicles gradually increased, forward personnel had to speed up the horsepower to break open those roadblocks, and sometimes may hit a few zombies. The real test of the combat effectiveness of the independent regiment is about to begin. Let's wait and see. The houses around the city have also become more and more, the height is not high, can only be said to be neither high nor low, most of the buildings have a feature, a little black, some buildings are still on fire, some smoke, and some have collapsed. Most of the things in the store are still there, only a few of them are taken away by the survivors, or dropped on the ground by the zombies. Ling Er opened his mouth: "It's too complicated here. Our motorcade is deployed in a three-section stick formation. The first battalion defends in the front, the third battalion defends in the rear, and the second battalion carries out emergency collection and scraping of supplies. It's better to have gold and precious supplies, but also food and clothing. Other odds and ends depend on the situation." Everyone, please say a word. All the vehicles in the convoy acted quickly, shooting zombies, scraping things, and defending the defense. Everything is in good order, but is it really as simple as imagined? Lingyun saw from the satellite that the convoy was deformed this time, and his face changed. He thought to himself: "This kind of vehicle shape is good, but in the face of the complex urban area, every building is a threat. There may be some crawlers on the roof waiting for an opportunity to move, which is a danger to the lives of the soldiers. It is impossible without air support.". Now we need to send Black Hawk helicopters to support us from the air. As soon as he said he would do it, he said to the staff around him: "Sound the alarm and order the other soldiers to take the Black Hawk helicopter to support the independent regiment immediately except for the No.1 Valley and the military base of the first company. Go quickly!" Chapter 14 Potala Palace, when the harvest is in progress. Updated July 5, 2011 7:54:04 Words: 4300 When the independent regiment was carrying out the mission,Carbon in Pulp, Lingyun's voice appeared on the soldier's earphone: "Brothers, your officer will arrive at your location in 15 minutes and give you air support." Lingyun's words made the soldiers of the independent regiment even more ecstatic and their morale was high. No reason, just for the officer's presence on the battlefield. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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