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Fairy Road Smoke and Dust _ Guan Pingchao _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

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At this time, the evening smoke gradually rose, and the blue and purple twilight gradually enveloped the forest lake and mountain in front of us. Seen from this angle, the reflection of the sunset in the sky was all projected on the lake beside the girl, which happened to create a natural mirror in the dim night. So the girl's delicate posture cast a touching silhouette in the bright water mirror. It could be seen that the girl in the lake had greasy skin and long hair around her body, which did not seem to be a Middle-earth woman. Look at the color of the hair, it seems that it is not the usual black. But at this time, the purple light was dazzling, and Xingyan could not see the specific hair color for a while. In the face of such beautiful scenery, Xingyan's eyesight was good, and at the moment the sunset was very bright, so the beautiful woman in the lake's moving posture of sideways water fell into his eyes without any leakage. Looking around, Xingyan only felt that the two curved arcs in the light and shadow seemed to tremble slightly in front of him, contrasting with the bright background, which was really indescribably delicate and ambiguous. As a result, the leader of the Daomen Hall, who had strong self-control, was unconsciously absorbed in it and forgot the purpose of his visit. Just when he was dazzled, he suddenly heard a voice beside him say: "It's really big." The young man,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, who was absorbed in watching, heard this and said naturally: "Yeah, but it's okay, it's just right." Huh?! When he came to his senses, he woke up and looked aside, and was shocked to find that the commentator who suddenly appeared beside him was the little girl he wanted to find! Seeing him now, Joan smiled and touched her lips lightly with her fingers-a gesture that clearly reminded her master of the hall: "Shh,Self-closing Shower Valve, don't make a sound, let's peep together!" …… Stunned for a moment, the Lord of the Four Seas Hall, who had finally found the Lord, immediately dragged the reluctant little girl out of the jungle and returned to Lingyi Xueyi on the road! At this time, with his skill, he has been able to lift weights lightly, and this action just now only slightly brought out some of the light sound of the forest leaves. But even so, the naked bathing girl in the lake with a calm expression still stopped the action of lifting water and cast a glimpse at the place where Qiong disappeared. When he dragged Qiong back to the road, Xingyan told the truth that he had just found Qiong by the lake on the other side of the woods, and by the way, he saw a Demon woman bathing in the lake. Listening to his honest words, Lingyi did not make fun of him, Self-closing Faucet ,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, but just chuckled: "No wonder it took so long." After that, on the way back to the dormitory, Qiong was held by her sister Xueyi and could not leave the team any more. When she was bored, she shook her head and solemnly practiced the ancient Chinese syntax taught by her brother: "Uh-huh, looking at its shape, it looks like Sister Xueyi, and it's on a par with her.". But it seems to be better than Joan. Listening to her not very authentic composition of the ancient language, the team in addition to the young face red, the others are not clear. When he returned to his residence, Xingyan realized the meaning of the bell that had come before. It was now dinner time, and although some of the spirits of the Three Mountains and Five Mountains had gone so far as not to eat fireworks, this was a rare gathering, so everyone gathered on the beach where the tide receded, lit a roaring bonfire, and began to barbecue food. Now the whole beach is filled with all kinds of laughter. In order to avoid the suspicion of the magic man, Xingyan did not wait to return to the room, then took Lingyi several people, also joined in the rough style of the bonfire dinner. By this time tonight, they have no one to worry about. As soon as he set foot on the beach, the Red Tiger Mountain God and Qingze Monster called friends and chatted with several people roaring. While the beach dinner was in full swing, Xingyan did not know that there were two people discussing in a side hall in a dark red castle like a horned magic helmet on the magic island at his feet. If Xingyan could watch from the side at this moment, he would be surprised to hear the content of this conversation. I saw a grey-robed old man in front of the ferocious plough elder, who was bending slightly and asked respectfully with the ferocious plough: Lord Tianmo, I wonder how the boy is now? Did they steal the dragon horse? "Well, I don't know that either." Hearing this question from his subordinates, the Demon Elder failed to answer it. Facing the surprised look of his subordinate and old friend, the fierce plough smiled, stretched out his right palm and clapped it lightly in the air, which made a dark red fire shadow float in the empty air. It seemed that the pale shadow dancing in the empty side hall was vaguely in the shape of an eye. Desolate pull, I did not attach'Tianmu 'behind them. The four young men were unusual, and if there was the slightest sign of trouble, they must have hidden it from him. "Oh, I see." As soon as the grey-robed old man named Huang La thought that it was reasonable, he said no more. As the higher status of the Demons Tianmo attendant, he knew that the fourth day of the Demon King he served also had a title called "multi-eyed Tianmo". If he had hidden his shadow behind the boy, their every move would not have escaped the eyes of the elders. After a moment's silence, I heard the noise of the banquet monsters coming faintly outside the door. Hearing these unique clamors of the Demons, the fierce plough broke the silence: "I think the boy should have found out where Longma was. Even if he didn't dare to act rashly at that time, it's time to do it now, isn't it?" "What the elder said is very true." The old demon attendant listened to the words of the fierce plough and answered: "In order to let Si Du get the dragon horse back earlier, now those protections are useless. Now most of the demons are gathering on the beach again. It's a good opportunity to start. The young man is very smart. How can he let it go easily?" "Ha ha, that's right!" When the fierce plough elder heard this, it was very much to his liking,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, and he burst out laughing. No one could have imagined that the Demon elder, who had been planning for two or three years and had not hesitated to offend the four evil scales, would want the four evil dragons to take the dragon horse back after he succeeded. cnkexin.com

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