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Ghost Blowing Lights of Yunnan Worm Valley Full-time Job

Nov 10th, 2022 at 19:42   Transportation & Logistics   Dawson Creek   5 views Reference: 186
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I took off the broken pilot's helmet with a pickaxe, raised the black donkey's hoof with the other hand and stuffed it in, but suddenly there was a golden light under the helmet. Chapter 10 the typewriter Under the helmet appeared a pair of golden giant eyes, which emitted two cold golden lights, as if the tactical spotlights on my mountaineering helmet, even if the aperture was adjusted to the most anxious level, were not as dazzling as these eyes. The eyes like electricity and I looked at each other, my heart was shocked, the more these eyes let three souls fly all over the sky, seven souls roll on the ground, but not the zombies of American pilots. At that moment, time seemed to slow down suddenly, and the lights flickered in the darkness. Although I could not see what kind of eyes it was, I could see that it was a rare giant Raptor with half a green tree lizard in its hooked mouth and a bloody other half at its feet. It might be flying in through a hole at the other end of the cabin. Hiding inside to enjoy his feast, I was disturbed by the strange knocking signal,Inflatable water park on lake, which should be sent out when he was pecking at the tree lizard. Before I could come to my senses and take a closer look, the owner of the golden giant eyes rushed out of the cabin and rushed straight to my face. Although Shinley Yang did not see clearly what was going on, he suddenly saw a black thing rushing out of the cabin. He realized that I had no time to escape and hurriedly pushed me hard. At this moment, I also reacted and jumped back with the force of this push. Unexpectedly, I did not see clearly that I had stepped on an empty foot and fell straight down from the tree, hanging on the tree waist by the previously preset safety rope. Like a gust of wind,Inflatable bouncer, a large brown cloth-like object wrapped in two golden lights passed over my head, and the huge Raptor flew into the air, spreading its wings and flying silently into the night. I saw that the heart of the big bird fell to the ground again. I hung the climbing pick on the vines of the old banyan tree and climbed back to the crown of the tree. Shinley Yang reached out and pulled me up. He said to me, "God bless you. Fortunately, you didn't have any accidents. Did you see what kind of fierce bird it was?"? So huge. It's really rare. I climbed back to the crown of the tree to catch my breath and said to Shinley Yang, "I didn't see it clearly. I just saw that the eyes were like the eagle owl. This kind of eagle owl is still active in the woods at night. It is this kind of eagle owl. It has a sharp beak and sharp claws. I have seen it in the northeast. One claw can scratch off a large piece of black blind man's skin.". If I were attacked by it, I would be honored. "It's one of those big owls," said Shinley Yang. "They like to nest on cliffs. How did they get into the cabin?". Are you sure you're not hurt? I said to Shinley Yang, "I really didn't get hurt. I didn't knock down a hair. I don't want to have another injection. There may be a big hole in the back of the cabin. We didn't see it. The Eagle Owl may have gone in there to catch small tree lizards to eat. There are no rats, rabbits, hedgehogs and snakes that it doesn't eat.". It would take a few dozen to eat that night, inflatable castle with slide ,Inflatable water obstacle course, and the tapping signals we heard were the sounds of the eagle owl pecking at the tree lizard. You thought you were smart enough to complicate a simple problem, but you said it was a Morse communication code, which made us more frightened. Shinley Yang said to me, "At that time, it was really like the signal of secret code. Even if I made a mistake, don't be unreasonable. Wait for me to go to the cabin to see what else is there." I know that with Shinley Yang's character, since she saw the wreckage of the US Air Force plane here, she must turn it inside out, bury the body of the dead pilot properly, and then read her Bible before giving up. I can't stop her. I hold a positive attitude towards this. After all, these big Americans came to help fight Japan during World War II. Although they certainly had the purpose of protecting their own interests strategically, they were sacrificed in China anyway. It is natural to bury their bodies and inform their government when they go back. The fat man was listening to the mess under the tree. He couldn't help asking at the top of his voice, "Did you find anything valuable?"? Do you want me to go up and help? As he spoke, he rolled up his sleeves and climbed up with his rifle on his back without waiting for me to agree. Surprised, I asked the fat man, "Aren't you ***ing afraid of heights?"? Why did you suddenly dare to climb the tree? Isn't there something wrong with it? Fatty says: "Dog fart disease, big night dark light blind fire does not see height at all, say again the activity that picks up ocean to fall how can be little I, where is that plane?" I said to the fat man, "You'd better be careful. You are clumsy like a bear. It's no joke to be in such a tall tree. If you have something to fix with a safety belt in advance, you should stay away from me. If you break the branch so heavily, I almost fell down just now." After I told the fat man, I looked back and saw that Shinley Yang had gone up to the top of the hole in the cabin and was about to go down. I hurried over to find the body of the pilot for her, but found that the space of the hole was limited, and only she could barely get in. In order to get into the cabin, Shinley Yang took off her carrying bag and extra things, including the golden steel umbrella that was inseparable from her, and handed them to me. Then she shone the wolf's eye flashlight carefully into the depths of the cabin to make sure that there were no more animals, so she put her hands on the gap and went down to the wreckage of the cabin. Fatty and I watched from the outside, and I asked her, "Are there any American bones in there?"? If so, tie him up with a rope and we'll pull him up. "No, the nose of the plane was flattened. There were no bodies in the cockpit, only two flight helmets. Maybe all the crew members parachuted out before the plane crashed," said Shinley Yang. I said to Shinley Yang, "Come up quickly without you. I feel these two old trees are really trembling. I'm afraid they can't stand the weight. They may fall down at any time." Shinley Yang did not immediately answer,Inflatable water park factory, only to see her rummaging in the cabin. After a while, she said, "I think there are several boxes containing weapons and ammunition. I'll see if there are any that can be used. We're lucky. A small part of them are still intact. I can't imagine that it's been more than 40 years.". joyshineinflatables.com

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