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Huadu Surprise Soldier (Zhu Zhu) Full-time Job

Nov 10th, 2022 at 19:37   IT & Telecoms   Danforth East York   12 views Reference: 181
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Xie Shiwen's face did not change, but her voice was stern. "Manager Liu, you are the manager of the marketing department. You should strictly require your department staff, especially those like this, to be strictly assessed. As long as they do not conform to the company's regulations, they must be dismissed from the company." "All right!" Liu Yongjiang promised in his mouth. Liu Yongjiang, an old fox, had already smelled an unusual meaning from Xie Shiwen's words. Chen Xiao is Xie Shiwen arranged into the marketing department, now, but also to strictly assess Chen Xiao, Chen Xiao as long as the assessment is not qualified, will be dismissed, this is very unusual. Xie Shiwen walked out of the tea room and ordered the assistant behind her: "Inform the equipment department to send someone to replace the tea room equipment in the marketing department!" ; The fourth chapter is romantic sentiment. Thanks to Shuai for less and out-of-print rewards! ................................ Xie Xiaotian held the club and hit a ball into the hole. The sunlight came in from the huge French window of the office and shone on Xie Xiaotian. It's a beautiful day. We should go out to play golf. Xie Xiaotian turned around and said to Xie Shiwen, who was sitting in the office with pink lips. Dad, did you listen to what I just said? Xie Shiwen's pink fists were clenched, her pretty face was a little pink and white because of anger, her light blue trousers were wrapped around her smooth pink buttocks, her straight and slender thighs were stacked together, and her white and delicate feet were wearing high-heeled shoes, with a touch of tender white coming out from her ankles. Shiwen,Calacatta Quartz Slab, Xiao Chen is still a very good person. Young people, after all, will have some minor problems, but it doesn't matter. His family and our family are also family friends. At that time, when our group had something to do, they invested to help us tide over the difficulties. Afterwards, they didn't want any shares of the company! "Dad,Artificial Marble Slabs, even if his family helped us at the beginning, but you don't need to let Chen Xiao into the company, let alone let him live in our home, I." I don't like him. I always feel that he looks at me. Xie Xiaotian laughed, "You think too much, Xiao Chen has been living abroad these years, maybe the concept is different from the people, cough, if not heard that Xiao Chen has a marriage contract, you can marry Xiao Chen is also good.." "Dad, I won't marry anyone. Why do women have to get married? Can't I be independent? I'm the master of my marriage!" Xie Shiwen stood up and walked out of the office in a huff. Xie Xiaotian shook his head slightly, "this child's temper is getting more and more like her mother's!" Xie Shiwen returned to her office and grabbed the phone, "inform Chen Xiao of the marketing department to come to my office in three minutes!" "Pow!" Xie Shiwen smashed the phone down! Who is she? At a young age, he was the vice president of Zhongmao Group. He was selected as one of the top ten beauty presidents in China. He also appeared on the cover of China Fortune magazine and became the youngest person on the cover of Fortune magazine. She is the goddess of many men's dreams, Nero Marquina Marble Slab ,grey marble slab, with countless admirers and pursuers. An excellent woman like her is only worthy of a better man, but Chen Xiao, who lives in her home and relies on Xie Xiaotian's relationship to enter the China Trade Group as a small clerk, is worthy of Xie Shiwen in Xie Xiaotian's eyes, which is humiliating for Xie Shiwen! Ten minutes later, Chen Xiao finally appeared in her office. I asked you to come to my office in three minutes, but it took you ten minutes. What kind of working attitude is that? Xie Shiwen scolded. Chen Xiao sat lazily in the chair opposite Xie Shiwen, habitually took out a cigarette, and lit a cigarette in the voice of Xie Shiwen's reprimand. You smoke here, Chen Xiao, don't go too far! Xie Shiwen slapped the table in front of her and made a clear sound. Am I too much? I don't think so. It should be you. You are too much of a vice president. What did I do? Today is my first day at work, and you're going to kick me out. I'm afraid it's not business anymore. It's more personal. Chen Xiao, with a cigarette under his arm, went to the wine cabinet by himself, turned his back to Xie Shiwen, and chose a bottle of pure wine produced by Bordeaux Manor in France. "Chen Xiao, this is my office, without my permission, you can touch my things, I can fire you immediately!" Xie Shiwen gnashed her teeth and spoke, diametrically opposed to the appearance of the noble female president before. What kind of people should be dealt with by what kind of people! Chen Xiao lazily poured a glass of red wine, a cigarette in one hand, a glass in the other, and returned to his seat, half leaning back in his chair in a very comfortable position, crossing his legs, and smiling disdainfully at the corners of his mouth, "I've already apologized for accidentally breaking your bath, and if you're determined not to let go, then I don't mind playing with you." I'm not leaving the company now! "Shut up, you rascal!" Xie Shiwen's pink face was covered with frost. Facing Chen Xiao, she couldn't control her temper. It was Chen Xiao who broke into the bathroom and broke her bath, but Chen Xiao put on the victim's appearance. Chen Xiao, you listen to me, I will send you out of the company, out of my home! "How many times have you told me that? I'm used to it!" Chen Xiao didn't take it seriously. He raised his neck and drank the red wine in the glass. The glass was placed in front of Xie Shiwen. The hand holding the cigarette was placed in front of the glass and the ash was flicked into the glass. "However, if you want to drive me away, you have to catch my handle, right? If you only rely on some small things like being late and smoking, I'm afraid it will always affect your prestige!" "You don't have to teach me that, Chen Xiao. I have a clear distinction between public and private affairs. I'll let you resign yourself!" Xie Shiwen said bitterly. That's good. I like you. If I have nothing to do, I'll go out. I don't know why. Sitting here, I always feel the cool breeze. It's better to go out early! Chen Xiao threw the cigarette butt into the wine glass, and as soon as he got up,Pietra Gray Marble, he heard the wine glass "click" and was swept to the ground by Xie Shiwen! "Get out of here!" "Pay attention to your image. You are the vice president of the group. How can you use foul language?" Chen Xiao had already got up, but now he sat back and looked at Xie Shiwen's open collar with interest, which had a touch of eye-catching lace. forustone.com

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