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Mad dog plus three Full-time Job

Nov 8th, 2022 at 21:09   Engineering   Saguenay   5 views Reference: 164
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When Mao Chestnut heard this, he immediately opened his mouth again and said, "I don't know how long it will be for the time being, but they haven't come yet, so there should be some time.". Because everyone is bound, there are soldiers close, everyone will feel each other. "Then who is after you?" Mao Chestnut hesitated for a moment, but answered, "… …" Soldiers of the legion of dirty blood. Jia San frowned. "Did the soldiers take the initiative to kill you, or did they receive orders from their superiors?" Mao Chestnut: "The latter." Jia San inferred from the fluctuation of Mao Chestnut's soul power that what he said should be true. "In fact, with your present soul power, you can make him tell the truth without any concealment.". Want me to teach you? This is also one of the specialties of the succubus. There are several other kinds of soul food that can achieve the same effect, and I'll tell you the formula now. "No.". Not now. Jia San asked Mao Chestnut again, "Does this superior refer to the Xia people or the people with dirty blood?" He deliberately disconnected it in order to feel the fluctuation of Mao Chestnut's soul power when he heard the first two nouns. Mao Chestnut looked at Jia San, who had a particularly obvious feature of the Xia people, and stopped talking again. But Jiasan already knew the answer. "It's the Xia people.". Someone with a little power in the legion? Or a higher level? Mao Chestnut closed his mouth tightly, but he did not know that the fluctuation of his soul power had told Jia San the true answer. Plus three asked a few more questions in succession,D BHB Factory, slowly narrowing the scope a little bit. Mao Chestnut also wondered why the Xia teenager was so patient. He didn't answer any of them. He kept asking him questions. After a series of questions, Jia San had almost deduced the truth, except that he did not know what the secret Mao Chestnut had overheard was. This is the soul food that can make you feel better. Rest assured, will not repair your damaged soul, just add a little soul power, make you happy. Jia San took out the happy magic food made in large quantities in the small abyss. With his soul power and magic kitchen strength, he has been able to make magic food directly soul power,Thyroid Powder Factory, into the same effect of soul food. The chestnut didn't move. Jiasan beckoned Xiaohei, saying that he was going to find other people with dirty blood, such as the dirty sign and the dirty heart, and left the thatched cottage. The chestnut turned to stare at the small and seductive dish of soul food. He hasn't eaten for a long time. Chapter 281 the secret heard by Mao Chestnut. With the help of the local people, it was convenient. That night, the foul sign was found. It was said that he could come so fast or use the soul transport array. Dirty sign has only seen Mao Chestnut once, and basically has no impression of it. Mao Chestnut has good talent and aptitude, but there are many excellent children in the training camp. Mao chestnut will not take human feelings, go up, and no one takes care of him specially. Dirty sign can not be noticed by everyone, so it is natural to ignore this child. This is also a matter of no way, the resources of dirty blood people are limited, Berberine Hydrochloride Factory ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, and the number of talents that can be trained is also limited. But people have selfishness, so many young people in the training camp, naturally it is impossible for everyone to come out. Chestnut saw the stain and struggled to get up and salute. Dirty sign only saw the soul appearance of the chestnut was stupefied, add three to come forward with dirty sign a little explanation. If he had known that the power of the child's soul was so special, he should have tried his best to keep it and cultivate it well. It's a pity that there is no regret medicine in the world. Fortunately, it's not too late to save it. This is not a sign of snobbery. The people of dirty blood need people who can help the whole race, especially to develop into human beings. Becoming a human being has become the obsession of almost every bloody person. Therefore, a dirty blood teenager who can fix the soul state into human shape only by himself is naturally far more important than those ordinary offspring who need to spend a lot of effort and resources to cultivate. This is just like when human beings leave seeds for plants, they always throw away the weak ones and leave the strong ones with many advantages. To make a long story short, can you tell me why you're being hunted? You can rest assured that if the reason is here, as long as you do not betray the bloody people, we will certainly protect you! Inside the bloody wall is a cage, and it is also not a place where any outsider can come and go freely. He spoke with great force, and he did not exaggerate. Mao Chestnut looked at Jia San. Dirty sign hesitated for a moment, he wanted to say that plus three was trustworthy, but no one knew what Mao Chestnut had done. "I'll wait for you outside," Jiasan volunteered. Add three to go out and take the grass huts with you. Inside the house, Mao Chestnut, because his soul was damaged, could not transmit the sound to the dirty sign, so he could only let the dirty sign come near and whisper to him the reason why he was being hunted down. Jia San stood outside the hut, even if he did not listen specially, but his soul still let him hear the voices in the house clearly. At this time, there is no need to pretend to be a gentleman, plus three admitted that he was extremely curious, the word secret is like seducing people, people scratch their hearts and lungs to want to know what happened. Mao Chestnut didn't know what to say, so he repeated all the things he heard and saw at that time. His memory is very good, and he can remember the general conversation clearly. So that's what happened. Mao Chestnut told the secret of the levy, which also solved a mystery in Jia San's mind. Previously, the tender bud found out that the top three of the minor extraordinary contest were not very lucky, and the special beauty suspected that someone was performing the magic of winning luck. There was no final conclusion on this matter, but the dialogue fragments heard by Mao Chestnut became a proof. That day, after the normal training, Mao Chestnut added a paragraph to himself in private, and he was sure he could bear it. By the end of the training, the training ground has seen no one, the legion of dirty soldiers are a bit lifeless, usually in addition to training and eating,Quillaja Saponin, there are basically no activities outside. Mao Chestnut did not want to attract attention, so he went through the stone forest near the training ground, and behind the forest was their dormitory. pioneer-biotech.com

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