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Qing sac corpse clothes _ Lu Ban ruler _txt novel paradise Full-time Job

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Hansheng nodded and said, "Yes, I am Zhu Hansheng." "Is that Hong Kong draft yours?" The policeman went on. It's mine. What's the problem? Hansheng asked in surprise. Please come to the station with your friends, and I want to know something about you. The policeman said. Hansheng glanced at the director inside the counter, who shrugged his shoulders to show that he could not help. The Public Security Bureau is also on this street, and it only takes five or six minutes to walk there. Hansheng and his party sat on a bench in a room. Laner grasped Hansheng's arm in fear. Lao Zu saw it and pulled Liu Jinmo's arm nervously. Who is Zhu Hansheng? A fat man in civilian clothes in his forties came in at the door, followed by a young policeman with an interrogation notebook under his arm. I am Han Sheng answered. Age The man asked, and the young policeman sitting beside him was quickly taking notes. 21 years old. "Gender?" "Of course it's a man, and you can't see that you're still a policeman." Lao Zu murmured discontentedly. Shut up, it's not time to ask you. The young policeman snapped. Home address? The man asked again. Nanshan town, Nanshan village. Han Sheng answered. Do you know our party's policy? The man stared at Hansheng with bright eyes. Policy Han Sheng shook his head blankly. Leniency to those who confess and severity to those who refuse. The man enunciated forcefully and clearly, and the air in the room suddenly became tense. Han Sheng looked at him in puzzlement and did not speak. I ask you, where did you get your huge draft? The man eased his breath. I earned it by treating people in Hong Kong. Said Hansheng. How long have you been in Hong Kong? The man asked again. Ten days or so. Han Sheng felt vaguely that trouble was coming. Earned almost 40 million yuan in ten days? Zhu Hansheng,plastic pallet manufacturer, you look very honest, but you don't have a word of truth. I want to remind you that the end of stubbornly resisting the dictatorship of the proletariat will be sad. The man's face was unusually serious. There are many rich people in Hong Kong. Han Sheng explained. The man snorted and said, "How did you get to Hong Kong?"? Have you gone through the formalities? Hansheng blushed and said, "No." "So it's smuggling?"? Where is Hong Kong? It is a paradise of evil capitalism. Do you know that you are betraying the country and going over to the enemy? The man said viciously. Hansheng raised his head and looked at the man with clear eyes. He said calmly, "I am a doctor. No matter where someone is sick,plastic pallet containers, I will make a house call." "Haha, Zhu Hansheng, you are still trying to deny it. You don't give up until you reach the Yellow River, and you don't turn back until you hit the south wall." The man sneered. Hansheng sighed and said, "Well, I don't want the money. Is that all right?"? Laner and I are going to get married soon. We still have a lot of things to prepare. "Then he stood up and took Laner's hand." Laner, we can live without money. Let's go. " Sit down! Want to go? Where do you think this is? You have to be honest. Is this money given to you by the secret service of the Kuomintang in Taiwan? What mission did you accept to come back to the mainland? The man growled. Han Sheng didn't seem to understand. "What did you say?" He asked. Liu Jinmo laughed in a shrill voice and said, "Han Sheng, isn't it obvious? They want to frame you, collapsible pallet box ,collapsible pallet box, but the means are too clumsy." "You are so bold that you dare to interfere with the public security department's handling of the case. Somebody, handcuff him." The man flew into a rage. The two policemen standing at the door came over and took out their handcuffs to lock Liu Jinmo. Lao Zu's face turned red and he raised his hand to shoot out. Slow down, don't make trouble for Hansheng. Liu Jinmo quickly stopped Lao Zu's impulse, stretched out his wrist, let the shining stainless steel handcuffs handcuff his hands, Lao Zu looked at Liu Jinmo with grievance on his face. Zhu Hansheng, according to the facts we have, you sneaked into Hong Kong, colluded with Wu Daoming, a Taiwan spy operating in Hong Kong, received a huge amount of funds for your activities, and sneaked back in an attempt to subvert the dictatorship of the proletariat. I declare that Zhu Hansheng, a Taiwan Kuomintang spy, is now arrested, confiscated his huge bill of exchange, and turned it over to the state treasury. You can sign it. "The man drew out an arrest warrant that had already been prepared and asked Hansheng to sign it." You can't wrong a good man! Laner broke away from Hansheng's hand and stood up and said. The man in civilian clothes stood up from behind the table and said to Hansheng, "Zhu Hansheng, if you don't sign, you will also be arrested. Somebody, put them in prison first, and then try them again." Then he ordered the police to say, "Let this girl lead the way and go directly to Zhu Hansheng's home in Nanshan Village to search." Hansheng was silent. He knew that it was useless to say anything now. There must be something behind it. Liu Jinmo kept sneering, how could a pair of handcuffs kill him, but it was even more disadvantageous to the Hansheng family, so he simply went down and watched. Lao Zu was furious, but Liu Jinmo stopped him with a wink, and he was indignant. The police escorted Hansheng, Liu Jinmo and Lao Zu to the detention center in the backyard. Laner was escorted to a police car and went directly to Nanshan Village. The man in civilian clothes came to the county people's hospital. Director Huang, in accordance with your instructions, Jiang Te's suspect Zhu Hansheng and his accomplices have been arrested and detained in the detention center of the county Bureau. The bill of exchange has been confiscated and is currently being searched at his home in Nanshan Village. The man reported respectfully. Director Zhang,ibc spill pallet, you have done a good job. This is the first case of Kuomintang secret agents in our county. Because it involves overseas, everything must be handled in strict accordance with the spirit of the instructions of the county Party committee and the county revolutionary committee. Comrade Zhou Enlai warned us that "there is no trivial matter in foreign affairs". He told the comrades of the Political Security Section that they must be careful to keep it secret and not to spread it outside. This is a strict organizational discipline. " Huang Gansui clenched his fist and said with a resolute face. Yes, please rest assured that we will not fail to live up to the expectations of the county party committee and the county revolutionary committee. Director Zhang promised. binpallet.com

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