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Recommend [system] I am a good man [wear quickly] Full-time Job

Nov 7th, 2022 at 19:24   IT & Telecoms   Cambridge   9 views Reference: 92
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"Mmm." Catkins nodded with a smile. Ji Yang looked at the two people who were as close as their own mother and daughter, and felt sad in her heart. He left his mother's control and found a girlfriend. As a result, his girlfriend and mother were gone. Tao Qing is really this material, only a year quickly promoted by Ji Xu as general manager, can resist one side, however, she did not ignore Ji Yang. In front of him or willing to be a little woman, the couple's feelings are very good, the third year gave birth to a daughter, this child is the Bai family and the Ji family together. And Tao's company is not good, repeated losses, Tao Rong is not that material, and want to call Tao Qing back, but how possible? Tao Laozi is more open-minded than him, directly looking for a manager to manage, this time, Tao Rong has no real power in his hands, with that salary, decadent and waiting for death. Also infected with mahjong addiction, owed tens of millions, usury came to the door, the old man Tao was so angry that he broke his leg with crutches and gave Tao Qing a little of his shares. Old people pay attention to blood,Magnetic Drain Plug, want to let Tao Qing's first child surnamed Tao, Ji Yang does not care about this. The name is married to the old man Tao, called: Tao yuan When the child was one year old, he transferred the rest of his shares to Tao yuan, which was nothing compared with the Ji family and the Bai family, but it was also a huge sum of money. A young man is a winner in life. On the day when Tao yuan was one year old, another thing happened. Tao Ruoming and Zhong Ziming divorced again. The daughter Zhong Ziming did not want to be born. Tao Ruoming could only take care of herself. Zhong Ziming didn't earn much money from his work, so he couldn't afford the alimony. Sue, this is a troublesome thing,CNC machining parts, the other side procrastinates not to give what method to have? In the second year, Zhong Ziming married another man. He was a newly graduated college student. Unfortunately, his family was not very well off. Otherwise, he would not like him. I heard that they quarreled bitterly about the house in the end. Tao Ruoming is even harder, Zhong Ziming said, marry her is to let her atone for the Zhong family! In his thirties, divorced with a child. Who wants it in the market? Ruan Xian thinks that marrying well is the most important thing in a woman's life. Tao Ruoming is ruined in this matter. She feels that the other party's life is over. It's hopeless. Your life is ruined. "Bad luck." "It's all fate." …… After talking too much, Tao Ruoming also felt that he was finished, and that his life was over. The whole person is very negative energy, feel that life is over, looking at her daughter can not mention maternal love, this is the child who destroyed her life, with Zhong Ziming's blood flowing on her body. Damn. How could she be in love? People in their thirties look like they are in their forties. They can't stay in Tao's company any longer. They go to work in a small company. Four thousand a month is just enough to live. Even if Tao Rong is already a waste, Ruan Xian clenched her teeth and would not divorce him. It was a joke that it was impossible to support her. Tao Ruoming was lifeless and had no passion for his work, and was soon fired. The company can not interview, DIN screw plug ,metal stamping parts, ready to go to the mall to try their luck, I heard that shopping guides make money. We want a lively and cheerful personality, and it's better to be easy-going. The other side said and looked at her, with a euphemistic refusal in his eyes. In the depressed environment of the Zhong family, Zhong's mother made trouble for nothing, and now she is laughing more ugly than crying. Lost, come out of the shop. She can't cry now. Life still has to go on, and people still have to live. After a whole day without finding her, she sat in a chair with her head down and her eyes dim. Will you buy it for yuanyuan first or for your mother first? A magnetic voice came. Buy it for mom first, then buy it for yuanyuan. The little girl's soft voice rang, "Dad said, love your mother, love your mother, kiss your mother." "Boo." Tao Qing touched her little daughter's braid, "Mother also loves yuanyuan." With these words, she also leaned over and kissed her daughter. Tao yuan grinned, fleshy little face, slightly opened her little mouth, showing her little teeth. When Tao Ruoming heard the familiar voice, he looked up and saw a happy family of three. Tao Qing was wearing a professional suit and short skirt. Ji Yang was still dressed in casual clothes. His daughter was wearing a beautiful princess skirt and a beautiful hair accessory on her head. Her daughter, on the other hand, had a dirty body, a dirty face, no one to discipline her, a bad temper and a spoiled temper. Tao Ruoming is in a trance. When she was young, she always liked to dress herself up beautifully, pretend to be obedient, attract the likes of others, attract the likes of adults, Tao Qing is always messy hair, but also stubborn and adults talk back. She thinks she's stupid. Foolish, doomed to a life of failure. But she was wrong. Tao Qing was mature and intellectual at this time. She looked capable and severe. Ji Yang put down her daughter. When the other party ran to the toy store, Tao Qing changed his face, hugged his Ji Yang's arm, and leaned on him. I'm so tired. When will this project be over? Her words were coquettish, and when Ji Yang turned around, she drilled into his neck, a very little woman. If a man takes a fancy to it, he has the ability, but if his husband's family takes a fancy to it, he has the real ability. Tao Qing has a very good life, which is a thousand times better than her. Tao Ruoming held her breath and left dejectedly. After that, she lived a hard life, but Tao Qing's life was getting better and better. Three years later, Ji Xu retired, and she succeeded in replacing Ji Xu. My husband is a subordinate. But technical research depends entirely on her husband, no one dares to urge Ji Yang, no one dares to criticize, before Ji Xu did not dare to change a president. Tao Qing urged it to be so tight. Ji Yang is very obedient and does what he calls. The company broke the performance record every year and set a new high. Ji Xu spent a lot of things that he had never done in his life. Tao Qing realized it and finally got on the list of the richest women. Did Ji Yang become a gigolo? Think too much. Ji Yang accounted for a high proportion of the research. He was the one who was lying down to collect money. When others investigated the background of Tao Qing's husband, he was stunned. Other people's invisible rich,deep draw stamping, even if Ji Xu finally divided her shares equally to two people, Tao Qing and Tao Jia's shares, or far less than Ji Yang's assets. But they don't care about money. So easygoing that he has no shelf. Not interested in money. I'm so angry. Chapter 272 I choose the rich girl (1). autoparts-dx.com

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