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Recommend to get married with a pet (common number: Xitulanya House of Everything) Full-time Job

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When Wen Shuchen frowned to speak, she opened her mouth first and decided: "Song Dynasty, you prepare the bus to the hospital." Shen Tingji's eyes were obviously stupefied, staring straight at He Qingchi. The more casual and calm he Qingchi's attitude, the more Shen Tingji's tricks did not splash at all in front of her. While the car was not ready, she only told Wen Shuchen as if no one was watching: "I will go upstairs to change a dress, and I will accompany you to the hospital to see the injury." …… Downtown. Hospital. He Qingchi asked the doctor to examine Wen Shuchen again. She stood in the corridor and waited. Several black-clad bodyguards were not far away. On the other side, Song Dynasty accompanied Shen Tingji to see the wound on his forehead. It was long past midnight. He Qingchi was holding a man's suit jacket and his cell phone. At that moment, no one disturbed her everywhere. She turned on Wen Shuchen's cell phone and found Meng Qingchang from inside and dialed it. This period of time Meng Qingchang is probably a rest, if it is a strange call or an ordinary relationship, will not necessarily answer, and Wen Shuchen's call is not the same. After he answered, what came was the woman's gentle and slow voice: "Dr. Meng, I'm sorry to disturb you so late. Is it with your consent that Wen Shuchen quit the medicine?" Meng Qingchang's drowsiness woke up in an instant, and it was certainly unrealistic to want to hang up at this time. He secretly scolded Wen Shuchen for being unreliable in handling affairs. How could his mobile phone be touched by his wife? On the surface, he said quietly, "I know. What does Mrs. Wen want to ask?" He Qingchi just felt that Wen Shuchen had been taking medicine for a long time, and it seemed surprising to quit suddenly, so he wanted to ask clearly. She told Meng Qingchang clearly about her concerns and said softly,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, "You should know that Wen Shuchen's mood is not quite right when he drinks. He used to take medicine to restrain himself, but now he doesn't take medicine." Is there really no problem? Meng Qingchang paused for a while and explained to her by analogy: "This medicine is like someone who wants to quit smoking and begins to carry mints with him. If Shuchen takes the initiative to quit the medicine, he will naturally rely on his instinct to find his antidote." It was He Qingchi's turn to say nothing, and he knew in his heart what Meng Qingchang meant. Meng Qingchang continued slowly on the phone: "Under normal circumstances, he may want to do it crazily.." Perhaps considering that she was the wife of her friend, the last word was stuck in time. He Qingchi already understood in the heart, pursed his lips and asked: "If he can't be satisfied,akba boswellic acid, will he hurt himself?" The author has something to say: Good night, I'm tired. Chapter 84 As soon as Wen Shuchen's physical examination report came out, the doctor first handed it to He Qingchi. In addition to a trauma to apply medicine, the body has no other internal injuries, prescribe some medicine to go back in a few days to recover. He Qingchi did not quite understand the professional words on the test sheet, but listened patiently to the doctor's explanation, remembered what he should pay attention to on weekdays, and then carefully put the list away. Wen Shuchen sat on the office chair, slowly fastening the buttons on his sleeves, frowning under the lamp, not paying any attention to the doctor's instructions, completely at the mercy of He Qingchi, but also staying out of the way. Until the couple left the clinic first, rosmarinic acid supplement ,jujube seed powder, he reached out his cell phone from his pants pocket, looked down at the news on the screen, and then quietly held He Qingchi's waist and took her into the elevator. After pressing the button to the underground parking lot of the hospital, Wen Shuchen's tall and straight figure in a suit just stood at the door of the elevator, lowered his head, and said to the woman standing inside: "You go home first, and I'll be back before dawn." He Qingchi narrowed his dark eyes and looked at him as if he wanted to see something from the man's expression. She stretched out her hand to hold Wen Shuchen's wrist, nibbled the words and said, "If you want me to go back by myself, do you want to give me a word or two?" "I'm waiting for Shen Fu-" Wen Shuchen gave her four words, but did not mention that Shen Tingji. After He Qingchi got this sentence, he let go of him very readily and nodded: "Then I won't delay your work." - It was dark and quiet outside, and it was after midnight when we got all the way back to the villa. He Qingchi left a few black bodyguards upstairs, she did not rush to sleep, even the clothes did not change, take off the high-heeled shoes, step on the cold floor, toward the study. One of the lights was turned on, but the window was closed tightly, and the light could not be revealed. He Qingchi's slender figure was reflected in front of the wall, see her slightly bent, standing in front of the desk to open a layer of drawers, some folders she did not look through, just lowered her eyes swept, and reached out to close. There was nothing else in the bottom drawer, but there were two white medicine bottles. He Qingchi picked it up and took a look. It was a sleeping pill and a sedative. She put it back gently, and the line of sight under her eyelashes shook around, as if she had found nothing else. All the drawers in the study had been opened, except the safe. He Qingchi did not know the password and could not see what was inside. Her waist leaned against the desk, her face was light, and the quiet ground was facing the French window for a long time. Until the clock had pointed to 4:01 in the middle of the night, the sky outside was no longer dark, He Qingchi slowly stood up straight, bent down, two white fingertips hooked up his high-heeled shoes, and left the study silently. She went back to the master bedroom and went to sleep, not thinking about Wen Shuchen in the hospital. As for Shen Fu, I'm afraid I have something to say. He Qingchi's idea before going to bed was still very simple. Near noon, the sunshine outside had come in and fell on her closed eyelids. Her long eyelashes trembled gently, and she would soon wake up. And the ringing of the mobile phone woke her up first. He Qingchi raised his head in a daze, his line of sight was still a little hazy. What he noticed was not the ringing of his cell phone, but the back of a man standing carelessly in front of the French window drinking coffee. The sun fell on his shoulder,best green coffee bean extract, and his snow-white shirt seemed to be covered with a layer of pale golden soft light, which also made his tall and straight figure somewhat calm and cool. Wen Shuchen seemed to be thinking about something, looking low and drinking his coffee. prius-biotech.com

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