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Sentiment should laugh at me. Full-time Job

Nov 7th, 2022 at 19:42   IT & Telecoms   Cambridge   13 views Reference: 110
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Silly child, how can mother not want you? yuanyuan should remember that Niang is the person who loves you most in the world. Lansheng held yuanyuan in his arms. Will my mother tell me stories like my uncle? yuanyuan raised her little face innocently. Well, Niang will tell you stories, make the most delicious snacks, knit the most beautiful clothes, yuanyuan, Niang will be very good to you, even better than uncle to you. Lansheng smiled gently, but there was a faint bitterness hidden in his smile. Really? yuanyuan also likes Niang best. yuanyuan smiled sweetly and shouted, "I will wait for Niang here and wait for her to make the most delicious snacks." Lansheng hugged his small round body tightly, and his stomach was full of bitterness. Many, many people, when they are around, they feel nothing, only when they leave one day, they find that they will never see each other again. The fine white snow congealed on the thick eyelashes, the wind cut the cheeks repeatedly like a knife, Tu Su could not help sneezing, and his face gradually lowered. The snow suddenly stopped, and there was a light green oil-paper umbrella on his head. Dressed in a white robe flying in the snow, the lining is like a beautiful jade, white and warm,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, and like a proud snow and cold plum, clear out of the dust. Tu Su just looked at it intently, but could not speak. Such temperament and verve, besides him, who else can there be? But when the person who thinks day and night really stands in front of him, he can't believe it. What are you doing standing here in the cold winter months? The person in front of him is light and peaceful, but less alienated and polite. You, you're here. Tu Su's whole body was white,Time Delay Faucet, and there were wet traces of snow melting, only one face was blue and white interlaced, and there were some tiny blood stains cracked by the wind, but there was almost a cautious joy. You go. Standing here, others only say that my family owes you money and doesn't pay it back, so you come to collect debts every day. Lan Sheng's tone was cold. Tu Su shook his head stubbornly: "I said, you do not believe me one day, I will wait for you one day.". This is the punishment I deserve. If I had done something wrong when I was a child, the Master would have punished me to think about the cliff and reflect on it. Now, it's better to stand here. I, I won't go. "Oh, why do you bother?"? Standing here like a stake, do you want to stand like an ice sculpture? Lan Sheng sighed lightly. You Can you come and talk to me? It's worth it for me to stand like an icicle. I'm not leaving. This time, I'll never leave you again. Tu Su lowered his head and smiled faintly. Isn't it cold to stand here? "How can you live up to your parents if their bodies, hair and skin are damaged?" Lansheng frowned impatiently. Not cold Tu Suzui insisted. Lan Sheng was so angry that he shouted, Manual Flush Valve ,Service Sink Faucets, "Go back!"! Go away! I hate you when I see you! I'm not going. If you don't want to see me, don't look at me. Tu Su stood there single-mindedly, motionless. Do you want to die? If you don't want to die here, go back to your house! Lansheng shouted angrily, "If you freeze to death, no one will collect your body. It will only frighten others." Tu Su shut his mouth and looked at each other as if he had been stunned by the momentum. Go back! Lan Sheng suddenly closed the umbrella, raised the handle of the umbrella and pulled it heavily on his shoulder. "Go back!" He snapped! If I look at you again tomorrow, I won't say a word to you again. Then he carried the closed paper umbrella and walked away without looking back. People's hearts are not made of iron and stone. How can they feel better when they see that person's silly appearance every day? Even if he is angry with him, he will not be happy because of the suffering of the other party, but his heart is heavy and bitter. Sure enough, the next day the man no longer appeared there, Lansheng was relieved, but the steps at the door as usual put a few kinds of medicinal materials from the mountains, with a few broad leaves holding, looking simple and lovely. The north wind is getting tighter and tighter day by day, but regardless of the wind, frost, rain, or snow, Lansheng's house is filled with medicinal herbs every day. Pilose antler, jujube kernels, elecampane, ginkgo nuts, and so on are all brought in earlier than the vegetable farmers who rush to the morning market. From time to time, you can see the bright dew and frost on the fruits of some plants, but not a single day has you woken up the owner of the house who is sleeping peacefully. On this day, Lansheng got up early and waited for the man to open the door at dawn, which startled the other party: "Let you go, why are you still here?"? Don't you feel tired when you are so early every day? Tu Su was stunned. He put down the medicine in his bag and said, "I'm not very good at medicine and pharmacology. I asked the doctor in Qinchuan to find some, but I don't know if it's enough. I had to pick some of every kind of medicine that can be collected on Yushan Mountain to promote the circulation of qi and enrich the blood. You'd better go to see the doctor in person. If you make a wrong prescription, it will backfire." "Go to Yushan every day?" Lan Sheng wondered, "Don't you have to go up the mountain in the dark before dawn?"? I'm not short of food and clothing here. I don't have any precious medicinal materials. I don't need you to send them every day. Anyway, if I can't finish them here, they will go bad. Isn't it a waste? "It's your business if you don't eat it, and it's my business if I want to send it." Tu Su said no more, but pursed his lips and looked at each other. You can't help yourself when you are in love. Courtesy is light, affection is heavy, persistent efforts, just want to get a little favor from each other. Gradually, for a long time, two people will be able to occasionally say a few words, but that's all. The end of the year is approaching, and pedestrians on the cold streets begin to rush around, busy preparing for the Spring Festival. Fang's residence was also a little more lively than before. Not only did business friends and distant relatives come to greet Fang's mother and bring gifts to visit her, but several sisters also brought their brothers-in-law and nephews back for the New Year one after another. If they couldn't come back, they also sent their servants or acquaintances back home to send boxes of New Year's gifts. Every day can always see some perennial rare faces, busy with social intercourse Lansheng has long been used to, but this day to see a real rare guest. He was dignified,Time Delay Tap, calm and upright. Although he had only seen a few sides, he was quite impressive. Lansheng recognized him at a glance. The bearer turned out to be Ling Yue. Mr. Fang, how disturbing! I came here to look for my Younger Martial Brother. Miss Qingxue said that he had come to Qinchuan. Could you tell me if he was in your house? Ling Yue did not wait for Lan Sheng to ask questions and then said bluntly. cnkexin.com

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