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Shangguan tripod falls into the pagoda Full-time Job

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Her stride, turning, attacking the enemy, was completed at one go, almost in the same instant. The castration of the Green Wolf on the Bloody Ridge was more than a stroke of electricity. It was half a minute slower than the old woman. Moreover, the impact of the other side's xylophone forced him to fall back. Su Baifeng was so frightened that he couldn't help shouting in his heart, "I know who she is!"! I know who she is! Blood ridge green wolf a blow without success, full of surprised color, ghost cry, the whole body joints rattle, change palm slowly raised, palm black Yingying to drop! All of a sudden, a putrid smell filled the shop. Su Baifeng shouted in a low voice, "Wolf Tooth Blood Skill!" The Green Wolf of Bloody Ridge still kept hissing and wailing, and his eyes showed a strange light, which made people tremble? His whole body a shake, "bone roll" to a mouth, is about to send out "wolf tooth blood work" to the old woman, the side of Su Baifeng can not help but pinch a cold sweat for the old woman. As soon as the Green Wolf of the Blood Ridge raised his palm, a sharp child's voice suddenly rose in the wine shop: "People don't sleep at night, and the crying wolf wakes up like a drunk.". Children call wine shop, cloud has dementia to call people to buy. Hearing the sound, the Green Wolf of Xueling turned his eyes and saw a young boy standing up from his seat in the corner of the shop,stesweet stevia, staggering to this side. When the boy came near, he was already drunk. Shaking his little head, he said softly to the Green Wolf of Bloody Ridge, "What's his name, Green Wolf and Red Wolf?"? My dementia has only been sold to people, not to wolves. Do you want to patronize this wolf brother? The Green Wolf of Blood Ridge opened his mouth wide and did not say anything. The boy replied, "We don't accept credit for selling dementia today, but it's cheaper." I don't want your water and wine,tannic acid astringent, just.. As long as.. He said, after a pause: "As long as you pull out two wolf teeth is enough!" "Who told you to come here and pretend to be crazy?" Asked the Green Wolf with a cold face. The boy grinned and said, "Brother Wolf, if you are so petty, you can't bear to part with two wolf teeth to buy dementia. Don't make irresponsible remarks to cover it up." Then he picked up a flagon from the table next to him, held it in one hand, poured a full glass, and poured a big mouthful of wine into his mouth. The Green Wolf of Xueling was furious and said, "What a boy who doesn't know the depth of heaven and earth! You've brought this on yourself. I've helped you with my frankness!" With a ferocious howl, his mouth was covered with green foam, his face was covered with black lines, and the chill was pressing. The Bloody Ridge Green Wolf had sent out an invincible "Wolf Tooth Blood Skill"! The boy was still drinking slowly with a cup of wine. Seeing this, Su Baifeng shouted, "Get back!"! That's Wolf Tooth Blood Skill! As soon as the cry fell, I saw the boy's mouth open slightly. Suddenly, he spurted out a mouthful of water wine, glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate ,naringenin price, which formed a curtain of fog in the air. As soon as the wind touched the fog net, it stirred up a column from the middle. Suddenly, if the gold powder flew away, it fell to the place where the Green Wolf stood in the Blood Ridge. It was magnificent for a while. After the earthquake, the Green Wolf of Blood Ridge did not retreat at all. Suddenly he jumped into the air, flew out of the fog of wine, and split straight down with one hand. The boy shrieked, "I have something to say …" I have something to say. When he stepped backwards, he suddenly stumbled, fell on his back, and fell to the ground with the bronze cymbal in his hand. Just as the boy's body fell over, his bound feet slipped, and he happened to hook up the wine that had fallen to the ground. With a "whoosh", he slanted up like a flying arrow. The Green Wolf of Bloody Ridge had already split his palm, but when he saw the wine coming head-on from bottom to top, he was forced to withdraw his palm and twist his body to avoid it. The wine "tiger" flew past the ears of the green wolf in the blood ridge, "clap" a ring, that small wine unexpectedly no one at the bottom of the mouth of the tail top beam, the cup mouth and the beam surface as high and low, no one more than five inches. Su Baifeng on the other side almost lost his voice and cried out. The beam was made of hard wood, and the bottom of the cup was neither sharp nor sharp. It was so easy to be forced into the beam. It was a coincidence that he had just fallen down and hooked the cup. But how to explain the internal force of such a man without a cup? The face of the Green Wolf on the Blood Ridge changed and he said, "Wa.." Waer, who are you? As he spoke, he beat a drum in his heart: "Tonight's situation is really full of evil. First, I met a servant who claimed to be a servant of the Zhao family. His martial arts were surprisingly high. Then an old woman came forward to provoke him for no reason. Her skill was so high that it seemed that she was still above the servant of the Zhao family. Now.." The skill shown by this young child is even more wonderful to the old man. "I, the old wolf, have encountered enough bad luck when I came out of the mountain." Not to mention that the Green Wolf in Xueling was frightened, even the onlookers could not help but be shocked. The Green Wolf's "Wolf Tooth Blood Skill" had long been famous for its dangerous and ruthless nature, and those who were there were almost spared. Unexpectedly, it was a blow that failed to work. Everyone felt that the origin of the boy in front of them was quite worth pondering. I heard the boy say lightly, "a baby on the left, a baby on the right. How lucky I am for this baby. Brother Lao Lang, you are not ashamed to ask.." The Green Wolf gave a dry cough and said, "I've heard of such a man. I don't know.." "Which one, Brother Wolf?" Asked the boy. As soon as Xueling Qinglangya sank, he said word by word, "Qing.." Cattle Tong. Son.. The four words from the mouth of the Green Wolf of Blood Ridge were really loud. Suddenly, all the people in the wine shop were shocked, and their eyes were focused on the boy. The boy rubbed his little hands and laughed as if nothing had happened. "This is a long way away," he said. "Is it true that Qingniu Boy has nothing to do with you?" Asked the Green Wolf of Xueling. "He is he, and I am I," said the boy, "just as Brother Wolf is called Green Wolf instead of Red Wolf." After a slight pause, he replied, "Brother Wolf seems to be afraid of this Qingniu boy." The Green Wolf of Xueling stared at the end of his speech and began to say, "Joke!"! Who is the old man afraid of? Strong as Zhao Fenghao, the old man is not. Before it was over, the boy interrupted with a smile and said, "You're as strong as Zhao Fenghao. You've only been knocked back by one hand. Can you still get the whole head?" The Green Wolf of Bloody Ridge howled, "Waer!"! You want to die! As soon as he stretched out his big hand covered with black hair, he threw himself in front of the boy. The boy pulled himself back to the back of the table,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, and the body of the Green Wolf of Blood Ridge was suitable for blocking the table. "Brother Wolf," said the boy with a chuckle, "you're too impatient.." 。 prius-biotech.com

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