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The dawn of Hanwu Full-time Job

Nov 10th, 2022 at 19:19   Security & Safety   Saint-Laurent   10 views Reference: 174
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Tian Fen disdained to curl his lips, "not I said, the sinus home now that ability, according to Liu if you like it won't come to us, according to Liu is a wise man, sister if you don't support him, this life he is just a vassal king life." "Think about it, he has been fighting with Liu Xu for the crown prince all these years. He is the eldest son of the emperor. Liu Xu's ascension to the crown prince is his unlucky day. Can he not worry?" Tian Fen lowered his voice and his eyes shone with cold light. "How did you treat the deposed Prince Liu Rong at the beginning? Gillian won't do it?" The queen mother hissed, sending shivers down her spine. "When did I deal with Liu Rong?" She asked. "Sister, we are a grasshopper on the body, you still hide from me?"? At the beginning but to the elder sister closed the tail, forced to die Liu Rong, or younger brother let a person poke to the sinus old lady there, drink, sinus old lady more imposing, directly to the first emperor Changle palace, a scolding, the first emperor dare not say a word, the next day he died, this is the big fellow empress Dowager's prestige. The queen mother was dou old lady's anger is still fresh in her memory, afraid of things leak, know that people were cracked after the car, her heart was steady, with what dou old lady can do things, she can't do? The queen mother will not be unconvinced,75 smart board, but really want to deal with Liu Che, she is a little worried, Liu Che has never been she can master the son of the Lord, very assertive. Look at the situation now, Che son won't simply won't make according to Liu for the prince. Tian Fen eyes flashed a trace of panic, "just intend to let Liu according to directly when the emperor, you are the empress Dowager to assist the young Lord." "Are you going to force the palace?" The queen mother covered her mouth with her hand and turned pale with fear. "Or do you want to kill the king?" "We can't help it," said Tian Fen in a low voice. "Don't you want to see the emperor eradicate us all?" "No, absolutely not. Your Majesty is my own son. How can I do that?" The queen mother shook her head again and again,interactive boards for classrooms, Tian Fen grabbed her shoulder, "sister, you calm down and listen to me, it is not necessary to kill the king, I am also the emperor's uncle, reluctant to part with the emperor, but he is temporarily unable to deal with the government." Hearing this, the queen mother moved her mind, or hesitated for a moment: "Do you have full confidence?" Tian Fen whispered in the queen mother's ear so so said a few words, and finally whispered: "I will not harm my sister, think about the original high queen, how majestic the court?"? How noble was the Lv family when she was alive? Are you confused? Praise Queen Gao? The queen mother slapped Tian Fen on the head, "how do you want the Tian family and the Wang family to exterminate the family?"? This thousands of miles of rivers and mountains can only be surnamed Liu, sad home looking forward to have a keep Tian's blood of the emperor will be satisfied, which dare to imagine like Lu pheasants? It would be nice to have the status of Mrs. Dou. "Sister, as long as you listen to your brother's advice, you will enjoy honor forever like the queen mother dou." Tian Fen gallantly rubbed the queen mother's shoulder, "when did my brother cheat you?"? I won't forget you if you don't miss your sister. "Can it really be done?" "Sister, interactive whiteboards in the classroom ,touch screen whiteboard, you believe the younger brother once, according to Liu under oath, he still has a handle in my hand, dare not disobedient, afterwards we can put all things on the queen, anyway she is not happy?"? When the time comes, we will commit suicide or suffer from bleeding, so as to save trouble. Tian Fen didn't care about the sleeve, said the follow-up arrangements, the queen mother nodded slightly, looking at the missing place, Pingyang listen to more frightened, lips bloodless tremble, "mother, mother." "Princess Pingyang, if you want to be a worthy princess, do as I say." Tian Fen approached Pingyang and threatened in a low voice. "At the critical moment, I don't want to have any accidents. Pingyang, uncle is also for your own good." Where are Liu Xu and Liu Xi? What are you going to do with them? Liu Xu is the son of Gillian. Do you think he can stay? It is enough to die suddenly. Tian Fen's eyes flashed a trace of pity and sighed with regret: "As for Liu Xi..". Tian Yu, the child will like her very much. Liu Xi is also doing well. ” "Are you leaving her to Tian Yu?" Asked the queen mother. Tian Fen shook his head and smiled: "How could I leave myself future trouble?"? Our princess Fengxiang was queen and Liu Piao training more and more excellent, the last time the matter of witchcraft was not settled by her? I heard that the Huns have been thinking about the big fellow princess, especially the queen Gillian's daughter, and so on, the big fellow to recuperate, princess Feng Xiang is the most noble princess of the big fellow, should be the big fellow and pro Huns. Pingyang opened his mouth and Tian Fen asked, "Do you have a better idea?" See Pingyang shook his head, Tian Fen eyes smile into a gap, "Cao Xiang is his sister's grandson, will give him a princess, Liu Xi or go to the Huns." "I want Liu Piao alive, watching her most concerned about the ashes of the Chen family, watching her most beloved daughter died, the most beloved Liu Xi and pro Xiongnu, let her taste the pain of sending Nangong and pro." "I'll make sure you get what you want," said Tian Anwen. The luxurious and noble Changle Palace was filled with a chill, blowing away the harmony floating on the surface and revealing a ferocious face. On the dirt road back to Changan, Guantao big long princess Liu Piao, put down the secret letter in his hand, finger tapping the carriage wall, hook hook mouth: "Xi son do well, Jiaojiao is also good, but.." They are not cruel enough, how can you forgive Liu Che so easily? "Congratulations, master, you are going to have another grandson of your own." Dong weir kneeling in Liu Piao legs, looked up at the body horizontal slanting Liu Piao, no matter where to look, she is so dry unattainable. Liu Piao stretched out his hand and touched Dong Yan's lips. Dong Yan opened his mouth with Liu Piao's finger in his mouth and licked it gently. Liu Piao smiled and said, "The little mouth is very sweet. I will reward you later." Liu Piao's smile did not reach the fundus, Gillian's physical condition Liu Piao is very clear, at the beginning he often gave her to fill the body, in order to be unexpectedly happy under the incense, because this time is too dangerous, Liu Piao hurried back from the fief to take care of Gillian,touch screen board classroom, "rebirth of the prince is not necessarily a good thing, providence makes people, providence makes people." 。 .。 Chapter 171 contention. hsdsmartboard.com

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