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The rebirth amuses people Full-time Job

Nov 7th, 2022 at 19:51   Real Estate   Campbell River   9 views Reference: 123
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Dear friends and relatives, whether you are sitting or not, I will tell you today. I wish you all a happy and happy day on this auspicious day. The younger sister also has a word here, that is, a few friends who are close to my brother Chen Jie will come in later, please don't get excited! Then I made a naughty gesture. At this time, the audience booed. It's just a friend. What's the matter? Still excited! A man took the lead and said. How interesting! You'll know when the time comes! Then I took the microphone and rushed to the door, and gracefully led people in. "Let's welcome JJ Lin Junjie with warm applause!" As soon as I finished speaking, the young people at the scene shouted loudly. "My God!"! Lin Junjie? What's he doing here?! Oh! My idol.. "JJ I support you, give me an autograph!" I see the scene of some chaos quickly said, "please do a good job, today JJ came here is purposeful!" " "Hello, everyone!"! Nice to meet you all. I'm here today for Chen Jie's wedding. Just then the bride and bridegroom came in and were stunned to see the man in front of them. The JJ gracefully walked over, took the elder brother's hand and said. Brother Jie, congratulations! I wish you a happy wedding! As soon as JJ finished, the whole audience exploded, "Chen Jie knows a big star!" "Do you think that woman looks familiar,ghana seed extract, like Ruan yuanxin on the left?" "That's awesome." …… Today, my little brother didn't bring any special gifts, but only one song from my new album, 'Dimple'! " '. Then JJ strode onto the stage, took out the CD and put it in the computer. Then he opened his mouth and said, "Ruan yuanxin,lutein eye complex, the Changeable Angel, is singing with me!" As soon as JJ finished, there was another commotion on the ground. "It's Ruan yuanxin!"! I like to listen to his Fairy Sword Fu best! "He is so talented!" "I didn't expect Chen Jie." Nope! It's my brother-in-law who is so powerful! I took the microphone to the stage, and the music began to play slowly, "I'm still looking for.." This song is so affectionate that it makes my heart feel sweet and full of happiness. That's great. This song is well written and sung with tacit understanding. So touching! All the people in the audience began to burst into tears. Let's give a round of applause to the composer of this song, who is next to me, Miss Ruan yuanxin! Brother Chen Jie's little sister. Lin Junjie shouted exaggeratedly, and there was a warm applause from the ground immediately. It was the entrance of three other people, but all the people present exclaimed again, and I immediately put the disc prepared in advance into the computer to play. As soon as the unreasonable music sounded, Angela Chang immediately entered the state and picked up the microphone to sing. He kept making strange movements in front of his brother and sister-in-law. And me and JJ, the wheel of a few people become dancers. Many of the guests present took out their mobile phones to shoot, jujube seed powder ,fenugreek saponins, and the wedding photographer in front of the elder brother was also shooting, and all the wedding staff present were shocked! They had never seen so many big bowls for a person to get married, and of course they were still surprised. Brother Jie and Sister Ning wish you a happy wedding! The little girl brought this new song from my album to be released. The creator is Xiao Xin! As soon as Shaohan finished singing, Jolin Tsai and Jay Chou sang a duet of men and women, "Today you will marry me!"! Xiao Xin wrote it for you two! Be happy! As soon as the song was played, the whole audience became very quiet. Everyone finished singing, and they made a separate table. Someone tried to ask for an autograph, but was unfortunately stopped by the hapless trio who were caught acting as bodyguards. This is the beginning of a congratulatory film for the eight stars in the lobby. Hello! I am Andy Lau/Peter Chan/Takeshi Kaneshiro! On behalf of the warlords crew, we wish Ruan's eldest brother a happy wedding! Then the camera turned into more than thirty stars saying, "Happy wedding." Hello, everyone! I am Tong Dawei/Ma Yili/Li Xiaolu/Wen Zhang. On behalf of the struggling crew, we wish Chen Jie a happy wedding! Then the whole crew said happy wedding again. "Hello!"! I am Cyndi Wang/Zhang Dongliang. On behalf of the Smile Pasta crew, I wish Big Brother Chen and Sister Ning a hundred years of good union! Then the whole crew talked about having a baby early. Super Girl, host ………… When everyone seriously watched almost more than 200 stars to congratulate, some were surprised, some felt that today's new people were so happy, some envied, and some blessed. And more importantly, the mother's family no longer pulled this face to stay, at this time all smiling like flowers, feel that their daughter married such a powerful person is very dignified. The two protagonists were already crying. The eldest brother specially said a thank you to me, and also thanked all the stars who congratulated me. Huili began to go on in an orderly way. It was obvious that the host had not woken up in the shock just now. Would he say the wrong word. What I didn't expect was that when my brothers toasted to our table, they were so awesome that they poured vinegar on my brother. Shaohan and Yilin took out the coins and yellow coins they had prepared from their bags and threw them at them! Wow! Should you exorcise evil spirits? I was shocked to think. The JJ next to me suddenly said regretfully, "If I had known, I would have prepared some walnuts!" Whoa! You are more powerful, JJ. Who do you want to kill? Next stop announcement: What makes me go to Korea? Put up with it, God! Why are Koreans like this? ?? 28 I was dumbfounded when I received the notice from Warner. The main battlefield of my album is Korea! Are you kidding me?! Run so far away. My manager told me that because I accidentally hummed the reunion of the world to be heard by Xiao Ke (Warner's Beijing manager), despite the company's opposition, he insisted that I release the album in Korea, of course, at the same time in China. Korea, to be honest, I'm a little conflicted. It's too far away from home. But the protest was invalid, and finally I packed my bags and came to Korea. After my rebirth, I had a strong memory, so I found a lot of Korean TV dramas to learn Korean, and I was a little excited. When the plane arrived at the airport, no one came to pick me up because I came on my own initiative. After I settled down according to the hotel address given by the company, I began to visit Seoul with great interest. To tell you the truth,ghana seed extract, I didn't know anywhere, so I chose a direction at random and started walking. At the worst, I would take a taxi back. prius-biotech.com

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