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This Su Shuang's rich and powerful family life Full-time Job

Nov 7th, 2022 at 19:49   Transportation & Logistics   Cambridge   7 views Reference: 117
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When Xie Chi arrived at the 10th floor with a change of clothes, as soon as the elevator door opened, he was hugged directly. Hi, Xie Chi, I haven't seen you for a long time. I miss you very much after a few hours. Yang Xiyue covered her stomach and laughed, while letting her go, "Why did you and your brother choose a couple's suite?"? This will make me laugh for a hundred years. She led Xie Chi into the room, Xie Chi went in and found that it was not a small single room, she entered the door and asked, "is your brother all right?" Yang Xiyue "", then raised his eyebrows and said nonchalantly, "that stupid thing, the face of the Yang family has been lost to him." "But." Yang Xiyue winked at Xie Chi and said with a smile, "You can rest assured that when he gets up tomorrow and remembers what he did tonight, even if I can't remember, I'll tell him every word.." She laughed and said, "Not to mention this life, at least for a month, he dared not appear in front of you." Xie Chi also followed with a smile, and then heard Yang Xiyue say with a smile, "I can't see that Xie Dingyuan is still a full sister control ah, my brother doesn't like to go out very much, so I don't know him very well." Yang Xiyue continued to laugh and said, "But I saw him when I was a child. At that time, his temper was not very good,pump tube, and he didn't play with other people. He was delicate and good-looking, but his body was very weak. He was a cold-hearted character that easily offended people. When he grew up, he restrained a lot, but I believe that rivers and mountains are easy to change their nature.." "It's the first time I've ever seen him protect someone so closely," she said with a meaningful smile. Xie Chi did not answer this time. He just raised the corners of his mouth slightly and kept silent. Outside the living room, there was a large balcony near the sea. On the balcony, there were two flower rattan rocking chairs hanging in the air. Yang Xiyue took out a bottle of frozen red wine and two goblets from the refrigerator beside her. She turned her head and said with a smile, "If you're not in a hurry to take a bath, just talk first."? It's not easy to have time alone with you. Xie Chi went to the balcony,cosmetic tube, put his clothes and towels on the bed, and said with a smile, "OK." After Yang Xiyue sat down, he held his cheeks and looked at Xie Chi, suddenly approached, and then said with a smile, "Hey, Xie Chi, your lips are so swollen and red.." She tilted her head and said, "It's like kissing someone not long ago." Finally, she added, "It looks really intense." Xie Chi: "…" Nvxia has good eyesight. Yang Xiyue blinked her eyes and said, "is it with the person you like?"? What's it like? When you kiss, do you have the feeling that you want to attack each other? Do you understand? It's the kind of person who wants to take off each other's clothes, touch each other's skin, and then mercilessly. Xie Chi saw that the more she said, the more wrong she was, and immediately said, empty cosmetic tubes ,plastic packing tube, "It's not with the person you like." Yang Xiyue came over, Xie Chi slowly opened his mouth, "just when the atmosphere arrived, when I was in a bad mood, I could not see others calmly stay out of it, so.." Yang Xiyue smiled, "so that's it." She tilted her head and blinked. "That's not your fiance, is it?" Xie Chi: "…" Xie Chi nodded, just felt that he needed to explain to save some time, the opposite Yang Xiyue suddenly opened his mouth, "that's really cool." Xie Chi just prepared the speech suddenly swallowed back to the stomach, she looked at Yang Xiyue doubtfully, issued a "ah?" The sound of. Yang Xiyue took a sip of wine and continued to say with a smile, "Because I will soon become a victim of commercial marriage, so we are now a struggling grasshopper." Xie Chi stopped and looked up at her. Her facial features are heroic and beautiful, and when she smiles, she gives people a particularly brilliant feeling, just like the afternoon sunshine, which is very warm. Yang Xiyue continued to say, "I met him three times, and once when we went to the opera, I took the initiative to kiss him.". ” When she said this, it was as if she was just repeating something that had nothing to do with her. She suddenly raised her head and looked at Xie Chi and said, "But I don't feel anything. My heart doesn't beat faster. My hands and feet don't feel at a loss. Even the temperature of my skin is the same as before." "Oh.." That feeling, you know, I mean, it's not as good as kissing a sculpture. She put the glass in the palm of her hand and played with it, then squinted and said, "At that time, I could already have a premonition of the dull future." "There are a lot of rumors about him in the circle. Most of them are tidbits made by some models and stars. Well, although the media has suppressed them, I still know." She looked at Xie Chi with a smile. "I think you know that feeling, right?"? I think our life will be very easy in the future, probably he is playing around outside, I also go outside to find fun and excitement, today is a strong man with eight-pack abdominal muscles, tomorrow will be a clingy little milk dog, seemingly respectful, no one owes anyone.. As she spoke, she slightly wiped the corners of her eyes with her knuckles and said with a smile, "It sounds boring, but it's much more pleasant than keeping yourself in one position, isn't it?" Xie Chi looked at her, then held out his hand and raised his little finger slightly. Dankou nail polish flashed a luster in the light. Xie Chi nodded and smiled. He looked up and said, "I think it's good. If marriage binds you, then it's better to find freedom from other places. There's always something to make you happy, and happiness is the most important thing for me." She stood up and said with a smile, "If someone has something to say, let them say it." Yang Xiyue also smiled, "I knew I could make sense to you, but I couldn't make it clear to my brother's stupid brain." She narrowed her eyes and said with a smile, "When the time comes, I will open a chain of secret cowherd shops. Do you want to inject capital and become the first excellent partner?" Xie Chi: "…" Yang Xiyue held her head and said with a smile, "What type, what appearance,plastic laminted tube, what skin color, and." All sizes are available. Gee, it's exciting just to think about it. 。 emptycosmetictubes.com

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