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To you far away Full-time Job

Nov 10th, 2022 at 19:25   Transportation & Logistics   Danforth East York   6 views Reference: 176
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Before the last discharge, the mother's relevant auxiliary examination proved that her guess was not wrong, and indeed there was bone metastasis. This time, he was admitted to the hospital and treated with zoledronic acid simultaneously with chemotherapy. She came to the ward and collided with a tightly wrapped flat car pushed out by the same ward. Li Nuo stopped and watched like a demon as the flatcar was pushed into the freight elevator leading to the morgue, unable to move away. Death is no stranger to her, and she has sent patients away from her hands. But she was busy in the department every minute, forgetting the reality that her mother was about to leave her, and came here, fear once again strangled the bottom of her heart. So he turned around and ran quickly to his mother's bedside. The curtain was drawn tightly beside Mother Li's bed, and the patient sat on the bed with a pale face. She went in and grabbed her mother's hand and said again and again, "Mom, don't be afraid. It's all right." Mom looked up with a slightly stiff smile on her face with a little makeup and said, "Well, I know. It's okay." But my mother's hands were shaking. Li Nuo also smiled, but she knew that it must be a smile that was uglier than crying. Because her hands were shaking more than the patient's. Roll up 20 Since witnessing the death of the patient in the same ward, although the empty bed immediately filled the new person, the mother's mood has been somewhat unstable. With the aggravation of pain and discomfort, the symptoms are getting worse and worse. One day, she said to Li Nuo, "I want to go home." The course of treatment is not over, Li Nuo of course does not agree, but the mother is not according to. She had to go to Yue Guiyang for advice. Angelica looked at her mother's recent report and asked her, "What would you say if you were the bed doctor of this patient with advanced pancreatic cancer?" "Go home and eat and drink well?" She said hesitantly,digital signage kiosk, but it was also the first reaction. "That's right," he said. "When it comes to patients, the doctor's judgment is always more correct than the family's." "Is it?" She was doubtful. Yes He answered very decisively, "Although doctors usually face other people's families.". But when you become a family member and have no way out, you might as well change back to the perspective of your career. She nodded. "Well, let me go back and think about it." "Right glutinous rice," Yue Guiyang called her, "Astragalus will soon go to Yunnan, this walk at least three months." "So?" Without looking back,touch screen kiosk, she said, "You know, about our divorce." Their divorce was not known to their parents, but only to themselves, Yue Guiyang and Fan Shilun. In addition to the parties, outsiders only know the outcome of the matter, the details are unknown. But you clearly like him, and he treats you. Brother Danggui, in fact, I am a super vulgar person with a bride dream that every girl has. Dream of wearing a white wedding dress, wearing something blue, in the sound of all the blessings to be a happy June bride. Since he can't give me anything, I have to divorce. She stopped him, turned around, smiled brightly, and said, information kiosk price ,temperature screening kiosk, "There's another version. He pissed me off, and then I got angry." "Which of the two reasons do you choose?" She asked. Yue Guiyang was silent for a moment and said, "I believe everything.". But you may be wrong about him. Li Nuo interrupted his explanation of his intention. "What's done is done. What else can we do?" Yeah, what's done is done. What else can we do. Exactly the same eight words, had also been thrown to him, the expression is exactly the same: helpless, determined. He was suddenly dazzled by memories, and when he came to his senses, Li Nuo had already left. On Friday, I finished the exam organized by the Education Office, and it was nearly evening. She hurried back to school to deal with the credits and pick up her financial aid. In fact, there is only one road between the First Affiliated Hospital and the school. Like all the old small roads, it is narrow and has two lanes. Because it is located in the center of the city and close to the hospital, the traffic is blocked at any time, especially after work, and it is difficult to move. Li Nuo jumped lightly between the cars and crossed the road three or two times. After dealing with the matter, she was not in a hurry to go back to the hospital, which was always full of people, and wanted to find a self-study classroom to write her ten medical history assignments a month. At night, there is only one classroom on the ground floor. She peeked in through the back door, and the classroom was silent, with the students looking up and concentrating. What class works so hard? Li Nuo was so curious that he sneaked in and found a seat in the back row. Look at the books of the younger students, Introduction to Oncology, and then look up, Yue Qiyang stands on the side of the platform. The part he teaches is naturally common digestive tract tumors. In order to let everyone see the PPT clearly, some fluorescent lights were turned off in the front row of the classroom, and the big screen was pale and bright. In fact, there was only a color anatomy map of the digestive tract on his handout. According to the tradition of C University Medical College, all professional courses are bilingual teaching. Yue Qiyang stood in the dark, facing the students, leaning against the first row of desks, and spoke his lessons in an orderly manner. He spoke pure American English, and when he mentioned certain terms and certain phrases, he mixed with her familiar German-Latin. Anatomical drawings without Chinese annotations and lectures without Chinese translations were all she could understand, and Li Nuo immediately worshipped herself. Well, sure enough, after years of bilingual medical school, the effect is remarkable. University teachers can also be roughly divided into several categories, one is profound and refined, quite a master style; another is humorous, very popular with students; another is impassioned, suitable for teaching Ma Zhe and other big classes; and Yue Qiyang belongs to the last category, his explanation is not flowery, nor too much extension, even PPT is not done. His focus seems to be only on explaining a knowledge point in the most clear way. Just like the doctor's advice, the first is how to do, the second is how to do, and the third is what to do. It's so well-organized that it's outrageous. But medicine does need clarity, and after three lectures, she suddenly felt refreshed. At the end of the course, he turned on the lights,facial recognition thermometer, turned off the computer, walked to the middle of the corridor of the lecture theatre, and began to ask questions in order. Come on.. hsdtouch.com

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