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Willow Setting Sun Goshawk Full-time Job

Nov 8th, 2022 at 21:00   Engineering   Saint John   8 views Reference: 157
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"You're not an old friend," Xiaoyu snorted. "You're an old goat.." Du Ba burst out laughing and said, "That's why people are old but their hearts are not old. Who in the world is not good at this?" In front of the two maids, Du Ba was no longer polite. He suddenly sat down on the soft couch. A big hand was already on Xiaoyu's white and red legs. The original smile on Xiaoyu's face suddenly converged, in exchange for a cold frost. She said coldly, "Du Ba, you'd better stay away from me.." Du Ba was burning with desire at the moment. He had already been tempted by Xiaoyu's moving body and could not control himself. He pinched Xiaoyu's thigh with his hand and said, "Xiaoyu, don't spoil the fun.." "Who's interested?" Xiaoyu said coldly. "The man I'm interested in isn't you.." Du Ba felt a chill in his heart. "Who?" He asked? Wang Mian, Lu Xiong, or crooked mouth Jiang Daya. "They all can, but you can't." Xiaoyu sneered. Du Ba said angrily, "You are such a vagrant. Why do you pick and choose?" "Old Du," said Xiaoyu, "for your own good, you'd better make your own.." "Why?" Asked Tu Pa-yi. "Don't forget," said Xiaoyu coldly. "You've been poisoned by Laobai. Although you've suppressed it with your decades of penance, that doesn't mean you can save your life. Especially when you do that kind of thing, when your blood surges, the poison will rush up. Think about it. Is it a good deal? Don't lose your life and think you've taken advantage of it! I don't want someone to die on my stomach. Du Ba broke out in a cold sweat and said, "It's for my own good." "Some people don't appreciate it.." Xiaoyu said coldly. "Thank you,manganese beneficiation plant," said Du Ba. "Go and stay in the back," said Xiaoyu. "Hurry up and heal your wounds. If I'm right, your enemy will be here in two days.." "No," said Du Ba thoughtfully. "They'll need eight or nine days at the soonest.." Xiaoyu snorted, "The older you get, the more confused you are. There is a Duan Hong beside Yan. The name of Jianghu boy is not picked up for nothing. He has been with you for so many years. He must have done a lot of work for you. Your every move is under the eyes of others. I believe Duan Hong must know the secret of your coming.." "I didn't expect that boy to betray me by eating inside and outside," said Du Ba in a bitter voice. The king said disdainfully, "How can you blame others for this? If you want to blame others,Carbon in Pulp, you can only blame yourself for having no eyes. If you don't find out the origin of Duan Hong, you will take care of his confidant. Although I am a woman, if I want to follow my brother, I will find out his origin in advance. I will never fall into the hands of such a brother." Du Ba sighed and said, "I admit it, Xiaoyu. It's all up to you to get revenge." Xiaoyu waved her hand and said, "The terms have been settled. I'll take over the case. The rest is my business. Old Du, take a rest. I promise you that the debt in June will be repaid quickly. If Yan doesn't come, it's all right. If he comes, he'll have to come straight in and go out sideways." Du Bagan laughed and said, "Well, you're really there, Xiaoyu." The slightly Ricky body moved forward and went away slowly. Xiaoyu gazed at the back of the overlord of the old camp. She clapped her hands and said, "Send them in." The woman had indeed a different status and authority here, and though she was a woman, coltan ore processing ,gold shaking table, she showed no less ability than any man. As soon as her applause fell, three people came in, as if they were waiting outside, waiting for her call. The three of them came in at the same time. The first one was the notorious Wang Mian, who was very handsome and had a mysterious smile on his face. As soon as he came in, he said, "Ah Yu, the old boy has gone.". ” Xiaoyu shook her head and said with a smile, "He's coming for us. Will he leave?" The second Kuiwu man is the world-famous Lv Xiong, behind Lv Xiong is the crooked mouth Jiang Daya, this man is ferocious, a pair of yellow teeth exposed outside the lips, looks like the mouth is crooked, no wonder people call him crooked mouth Jiang Daya! The three famous characters are all the ministers under Xiaoyu's skirt. This woman's means are not very clever. It's not easy to make the three unruly Jianghu Liangxiong work hard for her. Lu Hsiung frowned and said, "If he doesn't go, do you want us to work for his old camp?" Xiaoyu nodded and said, "Exactly." Jiang Daya snorted, "I'll work for Du Laoba. I won't do it." "I've already taken it," said Xiaoyu lightly. Lu Hsiung shook his head and said, "Ah Yu, is it worth it?" "Do you think fifty thousand taels of gold is worth it?" Said Xiaoyu Gege. Lu Hsiung was in a daze and said, "Would Du Laoba have such a big hand?"? Ayu, are you making a mistake? This old fox's silver is not easy to take. His opponent must be very prickly. Xiaoyu gave a hum and said, "Yes, with the strength of the old camp, people can destroy the kiln mouth. Of course, they are not easy to deal with. Think about it. Even Du Laoba can't cover people. How many friends can there be on the road.." "I'm not worried about that.." said the crooked mouth of Jiang Daya. Xiaoyu snorted, "Daya, you are too crazy. There are a few people we can't afford to mess with.." Crooked mouth ginger big teeth Hei Hei tunnel: "Can let me crooked mouth big teeth like not many people..." Wang Mian, who had not spoken for a long time, suddenly snorted, "Yan Yunfei is an exception.." The face of the crooked mouth Jiang Daya seemed to have been given a stroke. The face, which was not very good-looking, was even more embarrassing at the moment. What is the meaning of the three words, the name of a person, the shadow of a tree, and Yan Yunfei, in Jianghu? He understood very well in his stomach. The two words under his hands really made the crooked mouth Jiang Daya murmur in his heart. He said: "I should have thought it was him." Lu Hsiung said thoughtfully, "Ah Yu, now that you've accepted this case, the brothers have nothing to say. However, only when we know ourselves and our enemies can we win every battle. I don't know how many people Yan has brought here this time.." With a faint smile, Wang Mian said, "Don't forget, Brother Lu, people whose surname is Yan never depend on many people.." Xiaoyu thought for a moment and said, "As far as I know, there are still three people around Yan Yunfei,sodium cyanide price, Lao Sha, Xiang Qi, and a very difficult Jianghu boy Duan Hong. This strength is not weak. If.." 。 ore-magnetic-mining.com

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The man is.. [End + Side Story]